Summer 2018 DJ Mixes

This summer I had a lot of fun getting back into doing DJ mixes. As a 43 year old dad in Ohio, I am pretty content that my mixes are not going to land me a jet-setting career headlining some giant electronic festivals, and I am just enjoying on putting together odd-ball mixes of world music. Here are a couple of them (hopefully) for your listening pleasure. These are all mixed live on a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 and DJ Pro software, largely with music off Spotify.

Saturday Mix – June 9, 2018

This mix starts out with the energetic, electronic music by the Colombian group Systema Solar and others, then mellows out into some contemporary Latin funk and disco from Chico Mann and Lord Echo. I stick with the obscure funk and disco through tracks by The Haggis HornsWhitefield Brothers, and Orgone, throwing in some Roy Ayres and ending with the Gap Band.

Sunday Mix – June 10, 2018

Abandon all hope for an identifiable genre here. I stumped Mixcloud’s song identification algorithm most of the way through. Things get kicked off in goofy direction with some glitchy, video game pop, and go into some really campy music with a group called Ninja Sex Party, some classic Flight of the Conchords, and a musical theater number by Neil Patrick Harris. That section wraps up about 15 minutes in with a chill Mountain Goats song. The only logical place to go from there was “Move to Miami” by Enrique Iglesias. I stick with some of guilty pleasure, Latin party pop and reggaeton until I take it in a dark, weird direction around the half hour mark. You will here some slowed down Mexican hip-hop leading into some stream of consciousness where I bounce around through a bunch of songs to close it out including some stuff that may make you feel like you are at beer festival in Bavaria.

Wednesday Mix – June 13, 2018

Here I start right in with some grimy disco music by 40 Thieves, Rayko, Bosq, and Crazy P, and others, eventually moving through some house and more techno songs before mellowing it out with some Mexican indy music. Next up is some underground hip hop with The High And Mighty, Mos Def, and more before going into an almost goth song by El Hijo de la Cumbia. It goes off the rails from there.

Friday Mix – June 22, 2018

Get ready for that crazy, flashing, nightclub level of Mario Cart! The first half hours is all in on the Japanese video game inspired party music, then it drifts in and out of modern noisy rave music. Eventually I chill it out with some Cashmere Cat and some sleazy R&B before going back to my dj roots with some trippy early industrial music by Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic TV, and more, ending with some god damn KMFDM!